Just In Case

Just In Case is as much about detail as it is about time - it is a homage to romance, not allowing the moment to be forgotten, just as it won’t permit a woman to be anything less than gracefully bold. Just In Case thinks of itself as a music box, carved by a mysterious craftsman; each time the box is opened, a lullaby is played. It might be a different tune, but the box remains the same where the fragile confidence, girlish wisdom and mature playfulness collide and coexist.

This flame was ignited in 1999 when Katrien and Vicky shaped their dreams for the first time and their brand Just In Case was formed. Since then, their collections focus on encouraging the sensual alter ego in each of us to come out and play.  The Jacksons enjoy working with Just In Case to help our customers embrace their femininity and find their style.