Rabens Saloner

Rabens Saloner is a house built upon garments and relationships of lasting value and responsible production where modernity and traditional craft come together in an ever-evolving. Founded in 2007 by creative director Birgitte Raben, the house has become synonymous with contemporary, languid elegance dipped in swirls and splashes of colour. With a design team based in Copenhagen and an outpost in Bali where Birgitte spends six months out of the year, Rabens Saloner captures an adventurous eclecticism infused with a sensuous rock ‘n’ roll spirit.

Their process is based on creative, inquisitive experimentation and an instinctive connection between people and nature. Many of their Indonesian artisan collaborators and their family businesses have been with them since day one. Rather than working from Pantone cards, colour references might be a tree trunk or a sun-bleached deck chair, and unexpected shades pop up depending on whether fabrics are dried on the grass or hanging in the sun. Similarly, things lost in translation or happy accidents sometimes result in beautiful patterns.

An important part of their company is based on what they call the triple bottom line - the need to balance financial, social and environmental concerns for the whole value chain of Rabens Saloner.