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Welcome to The Jacksons' Journal, 

We are delighted to be writing our first post! 2020 has truly been a challenging year for us all and we wanted to find new ways to engage and share with you, until we can meet again in real life. After weeks of brainstorming, trying to find mediums to connect with you from afar, The Jacksons' Journal was born. 

At the Jacksons we really put a special emphasis on the community and building solid relationships. We have strong convictions and we believe in solidarity, kindness, sharing and learning to make things move forward and that is what we wish to convey here. To give you an overview of what the Jacksons meant to us, each member of the team was asked a few questions about their vision of the brand, as well as what they thought the future of fashion should look like.


  • Vinnie – Wholesale Enquiries and Business Development 

What makes The Jacksons special & unique?

“Louise and her vision of promoting more jobs for women as well as doing our part in being as sustainable as possible really makes the Jacksons unique to me.  The shop has a special feeling, it is iconic in its position on a corner off the Portobello Road and what it sells - the variety of colourful clothes, unique and well sourced gifts as well as the wonderful jute products from Bangladesh.” 

Three words to describe The Jacksons-

 Colourful, visionary, sustainable.

“I believe the only way for fashion to go is to become slower, more sustainable and we must think before we purchase 'Do we really need that'. We must think where it has come from, how it has come about and who has been affected. The most rewarding kind of purchase is the one that evidently protects and improves the life of the maker. The fashion process is so long and complicated that often the persons at the beginning are forgotten.” 

Favourite bag

 Love is Love with the rainbow on the gusset.

    • Mhairi – all things bought in. 
What makes The Jacksons special & unique?

“Our love of fun combined with our passion for life and the environment is what allows us to stand out. Our shop aims to be a destination where our friends and customers come to dress up and catch up - and never quite know what they will leave with!” 

Three words to describe The Jacksons-

Colourful, Sustainable, and Individual.

When it comes to the future of fashion, we all need to think harder about how clothes are being made and pressure the brands to do more; but customers must also realise that sustainability can be beautiful and colourful and individual. 

Favourite bag

YOU ROCK – because you do!

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  • Deline – Accessories Designer/ maker  with also a background in three dimensional/ interior design .
What makes The Jacksons special & unique?

“We are an all-female company promoting the skills and talents of other women with a strong bias towards sustainability and the hand crafted and it is this particularity that really makes us unique” 

Three words to describe The Jacksons-

Fun, Innovative and Hand-crafted.

“I believe that fashion and sustainability should go hand in hand. I love an item that is handcrafted and promotes the skill of the maker. For me, good design should have longevity, fulfil its function, be pleasing on the eye, timeless, well made with every detail considered.”

Favourite bag

Tessa bag for its size, weave pattern and versatility.



  • Charlotte – Sales
What makes The Jacksons special & unique?

“For me, the Jacksons is a thoughtful brand with a close eye on provenance and sustainability.” 

Three words to describe The Jacksons-

Thoughtful, Colourful, and Friendly.  

“As individuals thinking carefully about the history of each piece we buy, does it’s provenance have a clear conscience, the value and price of items we want to wear, look at or give should reflect this.”

Favourite bag

“I have one in khaki, khaki goes with everything!”

  • Alix — Dedicated to make our customers feel happy and trendy and to make the shop look pretty and merry.
What makes The Jacksons special & unique?

“I think the Jacksons is the perfect combination of sustainability and fashion: the curated and conscious selection of clothes and design based on environmental concerns and fashion trends.” 

Three words to describe The Jacksons-

Fashion, Awareness, and Engagement

“I believe that sustainable fashion does not always have to be dull and sad, and that is what we are trying to prove at the Jacksons. Favouring eco-responsible brands, working with them towards more sustainability, and creating opportunities is, I hope, the future of fashion”. 

Favourite bag

“la vie est belle”. “It is a very positive message, and in my mother tongue! It is also the bag that made me discover the brand and gave me the opportunity to work for this amazing enterprise. My mum still wears her beloved bag very regularly!”


Fashion, Sustainability and Community really are at the centre of our actions and projects and we wanted this platform to reflect this. 

We look forward to sharing 

  • Our thoughts, ideas, where we could raise awareness, and where people could learn from each other.
  • Combine fashion advice, sustainability tricks and community focus. We want to put great people under the spotlight and give them visibility, share things that moved us, made us laugh, or learn — or both.
  • Spread positivity and deepen our engagement to you, our customers and friends, and to the cause we support, on a daily basis. 

This is until we meet again, until we can go for coffee and roams parks freely. Until we can gather in Notting-Hill and everywhere else. But for the time being, enjoy the read, enjoy the ride.

The Jacksons family 


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