ECOALF was born in 2009 and specialises in waterproof outerwear (including must-have ethical puffa jacket), and trainers with the motto “because there’s no planet B”. Both the name and concept of the brand came after the birth of the  Spanish founder’s two sons: Alfredo and Alvaro. He wanted to create a truly sustainable fashion brand and believed the most sustainable thing to do was to stop using natural resources in a careless way to ensure those of the next generation.

      It is a brand that has achieved the ultimate blend of style and sustainability, sourcing their fabrics from the beaches of Thailand and from the bottom of the ocean. Using the millions of washed up bottles washed up and discarded fish nets.  The brand also invests in technical innovations - after two years of investment in R&D they produced a powder that removes bits of metal, antioxidants and fabric from tyres to create flip flops. They have been B Corp-certified since 2018 and work closely with associations like the Global Fashion Agenda and Textile Exchange.