After an 8 year collaboration between the brilliant creativity of Silvia Mazzoli and the entrepreneurial spirit of Niccolò Frosini and Gianni Guastella, in June 2011, the brand Ottod’Ame was launched in Italy with a total look womenswear line. Otto - eight years in the making, eight women designing and creating the soul of the company. D’ame - the breath and style created from within that is hyper feminine.  The colours and patterns of the collections, some of which are limited editions, make the style of ottod’Ame unique and cosmopolitan without distinction of ethnicity, physique or default model of woman to be inspired. 

Ottod’ame is a brand that allows our customers at The Jacksons to play with their clothes, creating unique and timeless mixes and matches. Research into materials also includes recycling ideas, not only as a form of inspiration, but also as a component of style, interpreting with new freshness and originality elements otherwise buried in the past.