Design Duo Jess Quinton and Jane Chadwick came together with a mutual vision to launch their hat & scarves company using only small British Mills. Concerned with the effects of fast fashion on the environment they are both invested in the idea of communicating the true worth of traditionally crafted UK textiles, ensuring that this skilled craftsmanship is kept alive in areas where knitting is a large part of the local heritage.  Collections are designed and sampled in house before being sent to the textile mills in the UK where they are knitted on industrial machines.

      They also use British mills for their yarn supplies, always 100% natural and biodegradable fibres - mostly Lambswool or Merino and they also use Recycled Cashmere when it is available. They like to combine traditional knitting techniques with new technology to make a more sustainable product. Their seamless hats and cut edge scarves are cleverly designed to ensure there is zero yarn waste in the production process. The New addition sweaters are hand-finished and knitted seamlessly which although intensive and time consuming to knit means zero yarn or material waste.