The Jacksons

Bangladesh, March 2022

"To be an ethical brand taking a responsible approach to materials and the planet whilst helping to strengthen women’s role in society"

Louise Jackson, The Jacksons London

Our Mission

At The Jacksons, we believe that employment leads to independence, empowerment and status. This is why, for more than twelve years now, Louise and her team have been working relentlessly, designing products with a forever concern for our artisans and the environment. Our mission and ambitions always have our friends and the planet at heart and we are striving to prove that mindful fashion is possible.


While we started this incredible adventure with a 100 women, we can now proudly say that The Jacksons provides 1,500 artisans with work all year round. A further 4,000 people are given employment opportunities through the production of jute cord, bead work and embroidery. In this partnership, artisans are being paid directly, which gives them more freedom / choices regarding their daily lives and the future.

Production & Materials

The majority of The Jacksons products are made from jute — a plant that is completely rain fed and requires no additional energy. Making jute products virtually carbon free. The jute plant starts absorbing carbon after only a few weeks of growth, thus acting as a carbon sink. 

Product Development

We are constantly looking for new ways to diversify our products through the incredible and unlimited craftsmanship of our colleagues in Bangladesh. Since lockdown, we have greatly broadened our range of beaded purses and have introduced our Iconic Singer Christmas ornament collection.

The jacksons Brand